Magenta is a character and the heroine of the Brutal Fists series.

Appearance Edit

The concept behind Magenta stems from the magical girl (or mahou shoujo) anime genre, particularly Sailor Moon. Like Sailor Moon, Jin gets her powers from a space maiden who chooses her to save the world from evil monsters that'd ravage it. In addition to being modelled after the magical girl archetype, she comes off as Brutal Fists very own Athena Asamiya from King of Fighters, who also has magical girl characteristics added to her.

Bios Edit

Jin Kyung-Soon was just an ordinary high school girl until one special day happened to her when an extraterrestrial figure granted her a powerful item that grants her special powers and becomes a superheroine named Magenta.

Gameplay Edit

She has Magenta-Taekwondo fighting style, Magenta shows that magicals any full powerfull and the latest magics showing at rainbow of colors, but if would be easys and type for skills.

Movelist Edit

Special Moves Edit

  • Heart Blaster: Magenta shoots a heart-shaped energy projectile at her opponent.
  • Tornado Kick: She spins and kicks her opponent in the head.
  • Pink Kicker: She kicks her opponent three times into the air as her feet glow pink.
  • Grace Dive: She is in the air and twirls down with a kicking dive.
  • Twirling Flamingo: She twirls like a ballerina, kicking her opponent.
  • Bright Glow: A parry move where Magenta poses and begans to glow pink all over. When her opponent hits her, she counterattacks with two Tornado Kicks.

Finishing Moves Edit

Death Finishes Edit

  • Rainbow Flash: Magenta begins to glow a rainbow of colors all over herself. She dashes to her opponent and does a flipkick that slices the opponent in half.
  • Death Of A Thousand Kicks: Magenta rapidly kicks her opponent like Chun-Li and delivers one more kick that causes the opponent to blow up as she kicks through him/her.

Sequences Edit

Battle Intro Edit

Jin Kyuun-Soon, with her mentor Rosia (see Magenta's Story Mode for info on who that is) sitting on her shoulder while in cat form (against, see her Story Mode for info about that), gets out her pink, mystical compact called the "Magenta Compact". She opens it, does a henshin pose with it and says, "Pretty Protector Magenta Time, ACTION!" and goes through a Sailor Moon esque transformation sequence, thus becoming Magenta. Rosia teleports away saying, "Good luck."

Victory Pose Edit

Rosia teleports back into the scene still in the form of a cat and jumps towards Magenta. Magenta cuddles her and pets her as she says, "Did you see that? I was awesome out there!"

Arcade Edit