Jimmy Randalf is considered the protagonist (along with fellow character Koby Dominic) of the Brutal Fists franchise.

Appearance Edit

Judging from his appearance, aside from being the Ryu of Brutal Fists, Jimmy Randalf is based more on Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters and Cody Travers from Final Fight as well as Kyle Travers from Final Fight: Streetwise. The themetic elements of his characterization appear to be inspired by Fight Club, making Jimmy akin to Tyler Durden, a character from the aforementioned story.

Bios Edit

Jimmy Randalf is an everyday brawler in search for a good fight. He began fighting at age 17 when he got himself into Mixed Martial Arts. While clearly not in UFC, he spends time in certain places ranging from gyms to underground fight clubs.

Gameplay Edit

Jimmy haved Mixed Martial Arts himself, showing his fighting style as damaged and followed moves. Despair to learn his skills, Jimmy is super brutal and haved special moves could be Punching Wave, Spinning Back Kick and Sprawl. Bear in mind, that gaved to MMA, Jimmy Randalf haves style powerful hope.

Movelist Edit

Special Moves Edit

  • Punching Wave: Jimmy emits an energy wave at his opponent.
  • Spinning Back Kick: He spins around himself kicking his opponent two times.
  • Double-Leg Takedown: He picks up his opponent by two of his/her legs and slams him/her to the ground.
  • Sprawl: He counterattacks his opponent's attack and slams him/her to the ground head-on.
  • Kick Shot: He kicks up, making a spherical energy shot that flies at his opponent.

Finishing Moves Edit

Death Finishes Edit

  • Roundhouse Crescent: Jimmy brushes his foot on the ground and then roundhouse kicks. He creates an energy crescent that flies at his opponent and cuts his/her torso off.
  • Lost Your Head?: Jimmy runs towards his opponent and tackles him/her to the ground. He punches him/her in the face repeatedly and then ends it all by bashing his/her head to pieces with two of his fists together.

Sequences Edit

Battle Intro Edit

Jimmy cracks his knuckles and his neck and says, "You better make his interesting for me." as he gets to his battle stance.

Victory Pose Edit

Jimmy dose three punching jabs at the air as he faces the camera. Then he kicks the screen, cracking the camera lens. Embarassed, Jimmy places his hand behind his head and says, "Oops! My bad."

Arcade Edit

Jimmy Randalf/Arcade